Ghostit creates amazing content

Our highly skilled team of writers, account managers, and content strategists takes you from content strategy to publishing with no effort. Our platform and process is designed to be as hands on or hands off as you wish. You can simply sit back and let us go to work or give us direct input on what you want your audience to read.

A monthly content marketing strategy to see what your writers are writing and why.

All your content, automated and in one place

This is where it gets fun! With the feed view, you can see what your writers are writing and communicate with them directly or have them give you a call. Once all your content is done being created you can review it and once approved the content starts being published.

This is where the magic happens. Here you can easily check in to see what content we are creating for you.
Get a snapshot of all the content or take a look at your editorial calendar.
Want to tell something to your writer? Just let them know, edit the post yourself, or have them contact you in a matter of seconds.

Manage all your social media and blog posts

The Ghostit dashboard makes it easy for you to manage all your social media and blog content in one place.

Easily switch between managing your social media and blog content.
Connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.
Want to share more than one thing across your networks? All it takes is one or two clicks.
Keep your fans updated, share engaging content, or write anything comes to mind.
Schedule your posts days, weeks, or months in advance with our simple scheduler.