No one wants to spend time reading boring content, obviously, which is why anything you publish should be fresh, relevant, and creative. This is essential to remaining ahead of the curve regarding your marketing efforts.

In your content marketing efforts, researching trends, experimenting with different forms of content, and examining successful campaigns are all essential components that will help you in creating amazing content.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite examples of brand marketing campaigns and see what makes them so good.

Just so we can get a good understanding that effective content does not have to be industry specific we are going to take a look at Denny’s (Restaurant Chain) Random House (Publishing) and Farmers Insurance (I think this one is insurance?).




This giant chain of restaurants has been producing entertaining content that ranges from strange to clever. They don’t take themselves too seriously which allows them to engage with their target audiences as well as potential customers that have a sense of humor.

 Their offering, simple all hours diner, caters to a wide audience which is also reflective in their marketing. Students, for example, often visit locations after intense study sessions, or after being out with their friends. Working professionals are another demographic who after taking red-eye flights, will go often go there for breakfast.

Businessesgrow draws attention to the sassy social media strategy Denny’s plays off of. “Whether you’re visiting the diner during the early breakfast hours or a late night run, sharing a fun experience with friends and family isn’t complete without some harmless fun and plucky references to the world around us.”

All of their content capitalizes on the lighthearted, funny, and sometimes weird attitude of their customer base, and it blends well with the brand.


Strange? Maybe who are we to judge. I sure would like 41,000 retweets, though.


This is just hilarious.



Random House


Random House, a publishing company, presents a wide variety of content designed to inspire both customers and staff. All of their posts, pictures, and blogs are thoughtfully crafted to make their reader think about their goals, dreams, and creative ambitions. This quote from The Guardian outlines Random Houses’ marketing techniques and the thinking behind their strategy.

“We want readers to sign up to our direct marketing whilst keeping very focused on how successful we are at engaging readers with the content we share and the conversations we provoke.”

Individuals who read frequently are seen as intelligent, motivated, and naturally curious. Understanding their target audience allows Random House to connect on a deep level and inspires their customers to read more.


Need social proof? Who better than Bill Gates.


Promotional? Sure. Informative and interesting? Absolutely.




Farmers Insurance


Farmers Insurance empowers customers by presenting expert tips, and real life examples of situations in an approachable manner. Information is disseminated simply, with no pretense or condescending tone, so customers can connect with the brand. Their social content is both unique, professional,  and funny all while providing expertise. Their content is delivered in such a way that there is no barrier created by fancy terminology to the average person seeking insurance coverage.


An engaging post that is unique and stands out with 91,000 views many reactions on Facebook. Not bad for an insurance company!


Notice how they tell their readers to go somewhere? They could just come out and say “hey, you should buy weather insurance” but instead they are linking them to their blog where they can learn more. Help your customers and they will be more incentivised to use your services.


Same case on this post. If you remodel your home, chances are you own it. And if you own your home you probably need insurance for that home. Farmers insurance directs homeowners from social media to their blog where they can be further educated in an interest then move onto more information about their products and services.



Other marketing examples, from companies such as Coca-Cola and Whole Foods, illustrate how marketing innovation can create residual advertising by customers. For example, Coca-Cola began to place individual names on their bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero.



Suddenly, people were seeking bottles with their names on them, or names of family members and friends. Customers began taking pictures of themselves with a bottle of Coke and posting them on social media sites. Friends were posting tweets discussing who found their names, and who were still looking for a bottle with a particular name on it.

According to Forbes “Coca-Cola believes in expanding its consumer base through experiential marketing, which aims at creating an emotional connect with customers.” Customers felt special and part of something universal. The return on the advertising dollar was increased exponentially because customers were also advertising for the products.


Whole Foods, in an effort to educate customers about health and nutrition, began to provide information, recipes, and interesting facts regarding products found on their shelves. This translated into customers trying the recipes, and posting pictures on social media of their finished dishes. Some would re-post the recipes on their social media sites and include a link to the Whole Foods website. Many contributed recipes, posted reviews of newly tried products and shared tips.

Looking at examples of successful campaigns can help marketers discover what makes amazing content. It will vary greatly depending on the brand, target audiences, and current consumer trends. By utilizing various platforms, and formats, companies can effectively extend the reach of their brand. 

Obviously budget can factor into this as well, not many businesses can create custom labels with their customer’s names but adding a personal touch can go a long way. At Ghostit, for example, each of our clients gets a custom strategy along with their blog posts, social posts, and email newsletters. One aspect of this strategy is specific buyer personas in mind to create maximum engagement. Anyone can do this while creating a blog post, just visualize who you are writing for the information for.

Whatever it comes down to, try and make your marketing stand out and you will see engagement rise. 

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