Hopefully, at this point, you understand the importance of content marketing and if you don’t, you have either a. been living under a rock or b. have some serious catching up to do.


Traditional ads are losing their effectiveness and the best way to reach your potential customers is to use content that will provide actual value. The best content drives the most leads and comes in the form of how-to-guides, info-graphics, blog posts, and other forms of content all with the intent to drive inbound leads to your site,  providing either value or answers to the reader.


Take a look at Hubspot’s graph, which shows a comparison between contacts generated from fresh posts versus contacts generated from older posts.


Photo from Hubspot


You can conclude from the amount of contacts gained that newer content matters less than older posts. This results from the amount of exposure older posts receive to newer posts-  the chances of someone finding and using your content immediately after posting is exponentially lower than posts that have been online for longer which makes sense. Pretend you are selling a distribution service or packing tape that wholesale jerseys needs. They are looking for a new distributor for their jerseys, searching online for answers, and you want your content to supply these answers to those questions. When that search successfully directs to your site, you can convert the lead into a customer. Simple enough right? That’s why going back to optimize previously created content can result in thousands of more leads by tailoring its relevance and increasing visibility.

We have outlined five different ways you can optimize your old content:

Bundle Topics Together to Make a Downloadable Ebook


Gated content, specifically, ebooks, are a fantastic way to capture emails and segment leads based on customer information.

 If you are struggling to come up with content to write an ebook, you can gather all blog content on a specific topic to simply produce an ebook in a pinch. Another example, you run a company that produces a new scheduling software and already have 5 blog posts promoting your content. These blog titles range from “Why Scheduling Your Time with Scheduling Software Makes You 10x More Productive” to “No One Will Plan Anything With You If You Do Not Use Our Amazing Software.” These five blog posts are now your ebook chapters. Once you have the blog posts you want, edit them to follow a narrative. Add some visuals and push it through your various channels and you have your e-book.

Ebooks are also a great way to segment your leads because you can customize the download form. It could be as simple as having just a name and email, or questions as detailed as “how many people are in your company,” “what market do you serve,” and “what is your position,” etc…

Take a look at some great examples: “Here

Revisit Old Ideas to Add Fresh Thoughts to Them

With the SaaS landscape continually shifting, newfound information may leave your posts out of date and irrelevant. This can be fixed by simply revisiting your old content posts which may spark fresh thoughts and new ideas for future content or optimizing the content to regain relevance and generate new leads. Not only can you use this as an opportunity to educate your audience on the changes in the industry, but it may provide you with more material to distribute short term and long term.

 Continually Revisit Your Calls to Action

This is more overlooked than it should be. Calls to action (CTA’s) should be constantly updated with new offers and improved messaging. If you need help writing CTA’s, Unbounce has an awesome “how-to-guide” here.

As your company grows your opt-in message will evolve and improve but as concluded earlier, most contacts and leads come from old posts. By not optimizing your calls to action you are actually hurting your conversion rates and doing a disservice to your content.

Push Your Content To All Your Channels

Don’t leave certain channels neglected, unless you have undergone rigorous testing and determined that only one or two channels are right for you. Make sure to push blog posts or other pieces of content to your social following. Not all people see your posts the first time so if a post has performed really well, you can repost it or place it in other channels where it may have been missed.

A/B Test Your Content Titles

Test your titles! This cannot be stressed enough. 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the content.

Because of this, you should test headlines so that they are most effective to your potential audience. By taking old content and giving it a newer, catchier headline, you can repurpose a valuable piece of content which can drive thousands of leads. The key when writing headlines is to find a mix of click bait and value in the title, find something that engages the reader and then draws them in farther down the page.

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